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The Start Over on a Birthday.

2013-10-01 04:27:24 by CannonXIII

I'll be back and better than ever! Going back to square one and up to ten without any misses will be tough, but I will do it.
Expect something jaw dropping next year. I think a new years track will be acceptable. I think this is the perfect opportunity to build a tower of experience towards music. Here I go. Oh and it's my birthday. Yay! :D


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2013-10-01 06:49:38

I'm expecting a real jaw breaker than. Happy Birthday!

CannonXIII responds:

Well prepare to have your jaw ripped off... too much?


2013-10-01 11:35:26

Yes, please, just don't be lazy like me and sit around doing absolutely nothing, or sleeping all day.


2013-10-01 11:38:02

YOU deleted a post?! Why?! It was a recording of what you were going through. It was memory! Only I can delete my old memories. Whatever WAS posted, should remain, as a monument to whatever was happening in the past. Like this you are just messing up all memories, ruining all experience and not letting anyone know shit.

(Updated ) CannonXIII responds:

I can become really depressed if I let some of my journals speak to me. Some people just don't need to know the other me because they might just call me a depressing piece of art. As for memories, I've always had terrible memories; very destructive and docile childhood. Well I got to go to work.


2013-10-02 03:13:29

I would like to get ripped eventually. It's a start. :P