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Google Chrome

2013-10-02 07:22:38 by CannonXIII

Is a terrible browser now. I don't know if anyone else experiences crashes, post return logins, or just terrible usability, but I can't take it. I'm going back to firefox, my computer can take it.


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2013-10-02 08:26:31

A lot of my flash games crash on chrome. I think with the new update they might have bumped a piece of code or something.

CannonXIII responds:

True true.


2013-10-02 09:09:17

Agreed, I stopped using Chrome because of the RAM use. It's not so bad in all aspects, but it uses up waaay too much memory. At least it did a year ago. FF is currently the lightest browser, and since they fixed their tab issue (which was the reason I tried switching a while back) there's nothing to complain about! Also open-source and stuff.

CannonXIII responds:

It does use a lot of ram but I have a gaming computer so that's not an issue. My problems came in with login into websites, and I just couldn't log into anything. The it randomly crashes.


2013-10-02 12:14:15

Is that a new problem? Either way though, FF is the way to go! For the benefit of the world, no huge corporations bent on collecting private information behind it. :)


2013-10-02 15:11:18

I didn't even use it.
Was always using FF.
And my entire life I was convinced Google is evil.

CannonXIII responds:

Google ain't evil yo. Just a little dull with it's users.


2013-10-03 00:16:41

I've never had issues with Chrome and I've been using it for a while now. I always think about going back to Firefox just for the awesome Greasemonkey scripts.